Coronavirus Funnies

31st March 2020

“I am glad I live in Lagos and not in New York or one of its surrounding boroughs and towns,” African Jumbito Okkenchengo-Okkenchengo 'Taff' Okkenchengo said. Okkenchengo, reflecting the view of many Nigerians, said he is also very glad he and his three children are not victims of muggings, murders, burglaries, and the coronavirus.

When told that Americans are dying by the hundreds each day, and that simple, ventilators for the outbreak are unaffordable to the impoverished victims there, Okkenchengo added, “I think I will go to the mall today and purchase some John Denver CDs, a denim jacket and maybe a flashdrive Cheers, then."

Goats in the Welsh town of Llandudno roam free as without any people, they are confident enough to go anywhere they want during the coronavirus lockdown.

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China finally got what they want !

They managed to coronise the world.

Africans Glad they don't live in America

Yorkshire 'Flu

If tha's gotta little sniffle
An thi throat is sore as well
If tha's findin breathin trickeh
An thi muscles 'urt like 'ell

Then, tha's likely got Corona, but
Tha shun't worry, reet enough
Cuss them that ales from Yorkshire
A med a better stuff

Keep thi sen hydrated
Wee a potter Yorkshire Tea
An a pint'a two a John Smith's
Ar, tha'd better mek that three

Then, in a week, tha'll feel reet grand
Tha'll be reet back at thi best
Tha can go aht in't oppen dales
In thi flat cap an thi vest

Where's Wally Coronavirus Edition