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What we do

What we do is offer a no frills, budget service to build a basic informational website to promote your companies presence on the internet.

We believe in simplicity and this is reflected in the website and logo design for our clients. Our sites are deigned to be uncluttered, easy to navigate and high in clarity. We specialize in informational websites as opposed to e-commerce websites.

Many website design companies hide the price from you, we believe in being up front with our costs allowing you to see at a glance whether this fits your budget. 

In order to deliver a product that meets your requirements, first we need to know your requirements. The form below aims to gather some basic information about your needs.

Typical Pricing

Completing the form below will help us help you to get the best product you can for your money. Please consider each area carefully

Single Page

2 pages

3 pages




Prices are solely dependant on content but a typical webpage with information formatted to your specifictions is as indicated above. 

A typical page would consist of no more that 1000 words and 20 images. Although we would never recommend a webpage contains a thousand words

Once you have completed the form, we will recommend the website we think would work for you. Ultimately, the final decision lies with you and your decision is final. We will email a proposal to you which you will need to sign off. The website will be created from the proposal form. Once we have completed the website, we can make reasonable small adjustments based on your guidance and the original proposal. Once all parties are happy then the website will be signed off and unless we have arranged support or periodic editing of the site then our involvement will come to an end.


We can offer advice on hosting your site or we can upload the site to a host of your choice providing you have the credentials to allow us to do this.

If we host the site for you then there will be further charges (usually annually) incurrred, 


Do you require a logo for your business / website?

We provide a professional logo design service. Prices for logo's start at £45 for this, we will work with you to design your perfect logo. Once this is completed to your satisfaction, you will be sent the logo in various formats for use on your stationary, vehicles or shop livery.


Company Logo

from  £45